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  • 2018 EDITION

At Print in Progress-Creative Industries Showroom, we strongly believe that great ideas no longer belong exclusively to creative people. They are also the result of fruitful interaction between a brand, its agency and its service providers.

Nothing is carved in stone. Innovation in the creative industries domain is permanent, fast, cross-disciplinary and, therefore, sometimes difficult to follow. Since creative people search for all possible means to distinguish themselves from the rest, we are convinced that the future belongs to the dialogue, on equal terms, between all stakeholders of a project.

Personalization, segmentation, increased reality, variable data management, new media, functional inks… Faced with an immense volume of technological developments, in the heart of an even more intense developmental flow, obtaining the right information at the right time, imagining the usage of a new application or a new personalized medium, the cost, etc. is even harder than before.

The service providers, on the other hand, are under constant challenge to completely reinvent themselves, to integrate their new expertise, to develop new applications and services. Their DNA evolves at such pace it seems impossible to keep calling them “printers”, an oversimplifying word given the extent of their skills.

These “solution architects” are nowadays a source of ideas for the creative and are able to implement extremely complex projects, mix digital with print, offer hyper-personalization solutions, create new life experiences…

Their place is next to their client from the very beginning of the client’s demand, while the first page is still unwritten. Can you imagine deploying pop-up stores if the marketing service does not master rendering, feasibility and budget? How can a designer offer a company customization of its premises if they do not master the difference between a mural covering and a furniture covering?

We strongly believe the future belongs to this ecosystem. However, there is a long way to go. There is still a big gap between the new demands of the brands and the creative and their reinvented printers. Print in Progress – Creative Industries Showroom intends to bridge this “gap”. Its mission: to act as a mediator between the creative and project masters in order to help bring better understanding between these two worlds.

To come to Print In Progress-Creative Industries Showroom, is to live a new experience, to dive into the reality of innovative achievements, to discover the “making of”, to be in contact with the big manufacturers who develop equipment and customisable media, to understand the technological challenges and integrate them successfully into your projects, to nourish your imagination with experience feedback through talks, conferences and guided visits… This means visiting the factories to better understand the potential of the new print and digital technologies. It means understanding the process from reflection to application, from thought to materialisation.

The program will be published during June. Until then, keep in touch with the community and find all the innovation from our sector in your partner magazine IC LE MAGits website and its newsletters.